Sedro-Woolley Old Northern State Hospital


A steam plant concrete chimney: observations are difficult because this is a private property, high-security area. A huge pile of swift poop at the bottom of the stack suggests this is one of the most frequently used sites in the state.  This large chimney can be observed from a county park to the east. 

Counts eventually dropped to single digits and it looked like this site was soon to be added to the no longer active list.  In August of 2010 we asked Susan Madsen, who worked on site, if she could get the large access door at the bottom sealed shut.  The thought was that there was a good chance the opening made the swifts feel like something could crawl in and murder them in their sleep.  Susan got the opening plugged before the Southbound migration and the swifts immediately returned by the thousands.

Tim Manns, the 2011 Skagit Audubon President, has taken over the coordination of documenting the nightly numbers of roosting swifts at this magnificent reborn site.  Early results indicate that this is now one of the most significant Vaux's Swift roost sites in North America.