Monroe Wagner Elementary School


Wagner Elementary School has a 4x4 foot brick chimney that the school district has considered removing.  Extensive and ongoing efforts by Audubon have brought front page attention to the significance of this structure which may be the most often used site during the Vaux's northbound migration in North America, with 50 observations producing a total of 131,000 Vaux's/chimney interactions.  As of 9/22/08 the southbound numbers are approaching 140,000 and thousands were still being counted each day by teams of observers and docents headed by Judy Alles. (Seattle Times/King 5 TV story)

We really put the time and effort into the 2009 northbound migration here and the numbers were way down from last year, scary way down.  This can’t be good.  On a more positive note, much progress has been made in the preservation of this most significant roost site.